Monday, July 27, 2015


Dear Family, 

My area is a pretty rich area and it is pretty small as well. Friday we got rejected hard core a bunch of times. It was kind of depressing. But in the evening we went out of town about 5 minutes to a trailer park called Syringa. Its kinda the dump of Moscow. Half of the trailers are deemed unlivable and lets be honest the rest should be. But that night I gained a greater understanding about why Jesus spent so much time with the sinners and the publicans. Everyone there was super nice to us. First we had a great lesson with a recent convert named Amber and her family and now her son Gregory is on date for august 15th. Then we had a guy that was outside grilling call to us to have us come talk to him. We had several other great lessons there that night. It was a pretty stark contrast to the earlier part of the day. 

Man I've been trying to write this letter for like 30 minutes now but I can't think of anything interesting or clever to say. So hope you guys have a great week!


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