Monday, December 7, 2015

Nativities Around the World

Things are getting pretty exciting with Christmas coming up! Our stake has a huge Christmas event every year that is attended very well by the community. Its called Nativities around the world. What they do is they have hundreds of different kinds of Nativity sets all set up in the cultural hall so you can walk through and look at them. There is also live music going in the Chapel. The doors are open so you can here it but they hang a see through sheet from the ceiling to make it feel more like background music but if you want you can go sit in the chapel and listen. There are also a few other rooms in the church that they use. They have a room all about Jesus Christ. Then they turn the primary room into a living room. It looks amazing. Its a place where kids can go and draw and do other activities. They also have a room where you can dress up in nativity clothes and get your picture taken. It looks really realistic too! The event is 5 days long! Anyway Elder Holmes and I jumped at the opportunity so we will be performing 30 minutes of the live music with our Ukelele. I'm pretty pumped! 

Tom and Michelle who are friends with our Stake President that we've been teaching came to church on Sunday with their two daughters!

Murry Christmas!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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