Monday, November 24, 2014

2 Miracles

Don't have time to say something clever.

Miracle 1

We went on exchanges this week. Elder Maguet left me here with Elder Horn (one of the Russian Elders). This meant that it was going to be a test of how well I knew the area. As we left that morning there were a few names that we had planned to visit that I had no idea where they lived. So we just skipped those names. One of them wasa girl named Charlie that I had never met. As we walked to Corey's (hopefully soon to be investigator) house I noticed that someone was walking about 10 feet behind us. I stopped turned around and brought up family history with her. After talking for a bit she told us that she had talked to missionaries before. I asked her her name and she said charlie. WHAT! THE CHURCH IS TRUE! We had a great lesson out on the street with her. 

Miracle 2

Last week we had a lesson with a Less active couple named the Gibsons. As we walked out the door we saw that the YSA Sisters were right there talking to a lady they saw out on the sidewalk. They knew that she would be under our jurisdiction so they introduced her to us. Turns out she lived in the basement of the Gibson's house. We invited her to church. She said she would love to come but she didn't have a ride. No problem we said! We went back up and knocked on the Gibsons door and asked if they could give her a ride to church. Both the investigator and the less active showed up on sunday. It was sweet!

There were many other miracles but I don't have time to write about them. 

Love Y'all
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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