Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

This is Yoda Claus. My Mascot.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have had more snow than we have had because if not you'll be having a bluish gray Christmas. 

This week was awesome! Elder Leavitt is sweet! Every transfer so far on my mission I have gotten a new companion. Usually for the first few weeks there is an awkward phase where you are still trying to get to know your companion. But this transfer was different because I already knew Elder Leavitt. We have had tons of fun walking the streets of Cheney and Sprague. Oh yeah Sprague is pretty cool! I've been there twice now. Its a tiny old town. I'll send you a picture someday. This week we finally got to meet with Rick again (I've probably never told you about him). He's been ready to be baptized for a while now but he has been missing a lot of church and we haven't been able to meet with him. But he is now set with a date. That was pretty exciting. Last night our district went "He is the Gift" Caroling. Its sweet! All you do is you carol to people then give them a He is the Gift card and see if you can drop by sometime to see if they liked the video. It works great! 

This Christmas season I invite all of you to let yourself be changed by the Atonement of Christ by consistently doing the small and simple things we have been commanded to do. Prayer, Scripture Study, Church, Missionary Work. If you are already doing these things, simply do something to improve one of these things. I promise that if you do this then you will feel the spirit more in your life and you will be prompted about specific things you can do to repent and improve. You will be more happy and Christmas will be much more meaningful and centered on Christ. 

I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior. I know that if we keep his commandments than he will consistently change us and mold us into who he wants us to become. 

Merry Christmas!

Love you!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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