Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas was Awesome!

Well Christmas was Awesome!!!!!! Thank you for all of the Gifts! Unfortunately I don't remember who gave me which gifts. I really appreciate the GPS, the mini scriptures, and the Book of Mormon Action figures. And all the other stuff I got. Even though I don't know exactly who to thank for what, I hope this generic shout out will warm your heart with my gratitude.

This week we had church up in Cheney in the morning. Then in the afternoon we had Sprague church. It was a really cool experience. There are only about five people there that live in Sprague and the other 8 or so live in Cheney. The service was short and simple but powerful. Almost every Sprague member recently returned to activity. The spirit was very strong there. I feel super motivated to get more Sprague people to go to church now. For some reason down in Sprague a tiny town of about 300 people there are tons of Less-Active members of the church that haven't been affiliated with the church for years. We just keep finding them. I don't know why. But it seems that got has a plan for every one of his sheep that left the 99.
Cool Miracle this week:

I feel like I've already told you this story but oh well I'll tell you again. A few weeks ago during the crazy time when I didn't have a companion, the Sunset Elders and I spent a day working in Cheney. We saw this "rent a center" truck in front of a duplex and some guys moving some stuff in. So we went over and asked if we could help. Jeanna was the name of the lady who owned the place. She was very stand offish. And basically gave us the "why are you here" vibe. Then her husband Richard came around the corner. We asked him if he needed any help and he just held his beer up and said nope. We're good! So we gave them a He is the Gift card and were just about ready to go when he said if it really makes you feel better we have a couch in the back you could help us move. So we did. Then we left. About a week later we tried by again and there was no answer even though we knew someone was home. Well a week later we decided to try by one more time. This time they answered and let us in. After some discussion we found out that he had been taught all the lessons before when he lived in Alaska. He had already read from the Book of Mormon and prayed about it and he knows it is true. He just a few concerns. He openly admitted to us that he knows he'll be baptized some day he is just stubborn. What in heck! Then his wife chimed in and said that she was blessed as a baby in our church! What! I had about 2% faith when I knocked on their door that day but came out with 200% faith that they would be baptized! Elder Leavitt and I were shocked!

The Lord really has a plan for each of his children.
Love you guys!

Lots "O" Food

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