Monday, September 14, 2015

Apostles, Baptisms, Burning holes in Suits, and Brigham Young


This week Elder Daniel L. Johnson of the Seventy toured the mission. It was super awesome! I had a personal interview with him! That was fun!

On Sunday all the missionaries from our zone and two others went down to Lewiston for their Stake Conference because they were having a special visitor. Before the conference we had a missionary meeting with Dallin H. Oaks and Elder Stapleton of the Seventy. It was sweet! Man he is a good teacher! My favorite part of the meeting was then end when he was testifying of Jesus Christ. He quoted doctrine and covenants 46 which says something like "to some it is given to know of Jesus Christ and others it is given to believe on their words" "I know that Jesus Christ lives". Oh snap! He was pounding his knuckles on the primary podium.


Gregory got baptized!!!!!!! It was a little crazy before service but once it started the spirit was super strong!

Burning holes in suits

We had the classic missionary experience of boiling water in the kitchen an hour before the baptism because the hot water in the building ran out. We were boiling water in a giant metal pot that covered two of the stove circle deals. The whole stove was extremely hot when we were done. Unfortunately Elder Morse was leaning over one and burn a whole in his suit. If you look closely at the picture above you can see it. 

Brigham Young

We walked into A&W to buy a hamburger and this bearded man walks up to us and says get whatever you want its on me. Then he pulled out his Wallet and showed us his drivers licence which carried the name Brigham Young. Nuff Said

Elder (Andre) Johnson  

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