Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Probably a felon or something

Its been cold and rainy lately. We had to wear our jackets for the first time. It was literally Elder Morse's first time wearing a jacket. He's from Tucson. He was pretty excited about it.

Well I've got an exciting week coming up. Elder Daniel Johnson of the Seventy is touring our mission. I've got a meeting with him this Wednesday night, then also with our zone on friday. I was also very surprised to hear that I will be having a personal interview with Elder Johnson on friday morning. AHHHHH! I might as well confess to him that I chewed gum in public last week because if I don't the Spirit will tell him. (that's only funny if you are familiar with the White handbook). Its nothing special. A bunch of random missionaries were selected to do interviews with him. He just wants to get a feel for the mission.

This past week I made beer in the apartment. Alyse's fault. Don't worry I didn't drink it. For my birthday Alyse sent me a homemade root beer making kit. So we made it and it was delicious! But we left one of the bottles out over night and the next day it smelled very strongly of alcohol! I actually thought it was pretty cool so I kept it for a few days. Every day it got stronger and stronger. But eventually I dumped it out when I realized that I was probably a felon or something because I'm underage. 

Yesterday we got antied by a Seventh-day adventist, athiest, and a Christian. It was interesting to see how they all used the bible to try and prove our doctrine wrong and prove their's right. Even the athiest was quoting the bible. The Seventh Day Adventist and the Christian both claimed that the bible was the perfect source of knowledge yet they both interpreted it so differently. It was amazing how different their doctrine was. Joseph Smith was right when he said  "for the teachers of religion of the different sects understood the same passages of scripture so differently as to destroy all confidence in settling the question by an appeal to the Bible". 

I'm glad to know that we can go directly to God for answers. That is the most powerful evidence we can receive in this life is witnesses from the Holy Ghost. We love the scriptures. We learn from them. We believe they contain the fullness of the Gospel. But we also know that all truth is confirmed by the Holy Ghost. That's how we Know that God is real, that Jesus is the Savior and that the things being taught from the scriptures and from the Prophets is true. The Church is true!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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