Monday, March 14, 2016

Lots to talk about

Dear Family and Friends,

Now that I haven't written in 2 weeks I've got lots to talk about.

1. Justin. We met with a new investigator named Justin this week. This was our first sit down lesson. He started off by saying that he had researched lots of different religions he was just confused at how he could know which one was right. Luckily the Gospel has been restored so we could know how answer his question. The spirit was very strong when we shared the First Vision. He told us that he felt it as we were reciting the words. 

2. The Lee's are an active family in our ward who we visit a lot because they have a non-member sixteen year old girl that lives with them who is planning on getting baptized when her parents give permission. Courtney, who is the Lee's daughter has a non-member boyfriend. So one day we were bugging her and saying that we wanted to teach her boyfriend. She said, "No that would be awkward, he's not that interested in religion... But I could invite my friend Bryan?" That worked for us. So she texted Bryan and said, "the Missionaries want to talk to you. Do you want to come to my house for lunch?" he said, "Haha sure why not". So we taught him the Restoration and it went really well! He was very interested at the end and we are going to meet with him again next week.

3. Jason, who has been to church 3 times now stayed for all 3 hours. That was pretty awesome. 

4. We were asked to teach Priests quorum last second this week. We decided we would talk about our favorite thing... Missionary work! Deciding that we were going to talk about missionary work was the extent of our preparation. However Elder Olson and I teach so often together that it went really well. We kinda just made it up on the spot but we both were on the same page because we've been studying about member missionary work so much since we've been together. 

5. We had a pretty good first lesson with our downstairs neighbor Paige. At nights I play my Ukulele and her and her son can here it. She mentioned that they really like listening to it so we offered to come play them a song. She said "Yes!" So we had a great visit and we taught the Restoration.

6. We went on exchanges this week with the Assistants in Spokane. We had some pretty cool miracles. We had about 15 extra minutes so we pulled into an apartment complex and knocked on 1 door. A lady opened it up and we told her we had a message to share about Jesus Christ and his church. She said that recently she had met some Mormons which sparked her interest so she went and watched a documentary on the Book of Mormon on netflix. I don't know if it was a positive or negative documentary but doesn't matter. Anyway it wasn't long after that we showed up at her door and gave her a Book of Mormon. God is preparing his children.

Its been a great week!
Love you!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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