Monday, March 28, 2016

Staying in Hayden

Transfers this week! I will be staying here in the Hayden 3rd ward and my new companion will be....Elder Johnson! Wait what!? Ya, you heard me, Elder Johnson. I've been waiting my entire mission for this to happen! Just think of all the awesome things we'll be able to tell random people when they ask us our names.

"Johnson and Johnson, a family company".

"I'm Elder Johnson. And I'm Elder Johnson. Join our cult and you can be named Elder Johnson too!"

"I'm Elder Johnson. And I'm Elder Johnson. We are living proof that Mormons did practice polygamy :)"

When I introduce him to the Bishop I'll be sure to say, "Elder Johnson is one of the BEST in the Mission!" 

If I ever mess up all I have to do is say, "It was Elder Johnson's fault!" ...I'm not lying

Now I have twice as much chance that members and investigators will remember "Elder Johnson" as their favorite missionary!

The opportunities are endless!

Elder Olson is going down to Pullman which is right by Moscow where I was just serving. I'll miss him. We had tons of fun together!

This week Jayson agreed to be baptized in April! He's awesome! 

Love you guys! 
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

P.S. the first initial of my new companion's name is also an "A" so Elder A. Johnson won't work.

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