Thursday, May 15, 2014

My First Official Letter Home!

Hello family, friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends dogs.

First I wanted to start off by apologizing for my capitalization errors. the shift button on this keyboard i'm using in laundry room at the mtc doesn't work very well.

the mtc is incredible!!!! i could live here for my whole life! i have learned so much more about the doctrine, and about how to teach than i ever thought that i would. my companion elder perkins and i currently are teaching lessons to 3 investigators. the first one is kaitlyn. At first she was interested in the church but she didn't really have a personal relationship with God. she mostly was only interested in the church because it would provide something stable and good for her children. so elder perkins and i felt like she needed to learn more about how she could have a personal relationship with god. so last lesson we asked her to pray with us. the spirit were really strong! we committed her to pray everyday and to go to church with her little sister who is a member. i am really excited to see how it went.

the second investigator that we have been teaching is named Chris. Chris was much bigger of a challenge for elder perkins and i. the first lesson was really rough and the spirit wasn't there. man, one thing i have learned while here at the mtc is that lessons go nowhere if the spirit isn't there. well we've taught him two more lessons since then and they went much better. chris is really intelligent. he knows a lot of random facts and he is interested in things like philosophy and psychology. he is also really faithful. he is really interested in religion and he has been religious for his whole life. it was hard at first to teach him because he wasn't really interested in joining our church, he just wanted to know more about it because everyone around here is mormon. last lesson went really well though because we all finally got on the same page with each other and we started having really conversation with each other. i feel like our role to help chris is to help him understand what things our church has that his doesn't like proper priesthood authority and covenants. because he already is so faithful and diligent i feel confident that when the time is right, when he feels like he needs more in his life he will look for the truth in the lds church. i wish we could teach him longer but we only have one more lesson with him. if we did have longer i feel like we could do more to help him understand that he does need the fullness of the gospel that our church has. oh well. i'll keep praying for him and i'm sure that the lord will help him in his own time.

The last investigator is named lance. he is awesome! he is one of the investigators that hangs out around the mtc campus and waits for people to talk to them. elder perkins and i and the other companionship of elders in our district saw him eating lunch outside so we went up and talked to him. he was really interested in the gospel and he is way nice. we've taught him one lesson over skype and will teach another today. we may only be able to teach him one more lesson before we leave.

oh yeah, i forgot to say in my last letter. i'm the district leader. I love my district!!!!!! It is such a blast to be around the same 8 people all day everyday. we have lots of spiritual moments together, lots of funny moments together, and lots of hard moments together as each person has their turn to deal with their individual challenges. as the district leader mostly i just help facilitate the awesome comments and suggestions that every person in the district has!

i love the mtc!
i have learned so much in the last week!
i love the rules and the schedule! it is the perfect environment for the spirit.
I love all of you at home! (especially the friends of friend's dogs that are reading this email)

next time I will email you i will be in the field! Spokane here I come!

elder johnson

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