Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My first week (in the field)

Hello Yalls!

P-day was on Wednesday this week because we went to the Temple.

Man so much has happened this week and I can only record but a hundredth part of what has happened since last letter. - 1 Nephi ?:?
Missionary work is fun! It is super fun to talk to real people with real challenges and desires and concerns. Teaching lessons is actually a lot easier most of the time than I expected it to be. For the most part people are really friendly to the missionaries and they are willing to let them into their home. I have met A LOT of people since I got here. Investigators, Less Actives, Active members. My area is in the Moran Prairie Ward in South Hill District A in the South Hill Zone. It's on the South side of the city of Spokane. My companion/trainer/dad is Elder Sanders from Orem UT. He's been out for 9 months today! He is a great guy! I've learned a ton from him since I've been here. He has a pretty laid back personality and he is really good at talking to random people on the street. Talking to random people on the street is scary! But I've been getting a lot better at it. When they are interested its actually really fun! When they aren't interested its really awkward.

On last Tuesday, my first day of proselyting, we got a call from a nonmember named Ian that my companion had only met once at church a few days before. He basically in a matter of words told us that he wanted to be baptized, and he knew who he wanted to baptize him, and his only concern was that he needed to quit drinking coffee. It was awesome!!! I was like man, missionary work is easy! We met with him a few days later and gave him a tour of church and taught him the restoration. He is super humble guy and ready to hear the gospel. His baptism date is set for June 20th which happens to be the day before he gets married! Ha ha its going to be a big week for him. Its actually perfect because he said that he would invite his family to come to the baptism because they were going to be in town for the wedding! We have another investigator named Shae (Male) who is living with a less active named Liz. I've only taught them once but the lesson was really great. They are both really nice and very humble. They are super interested in learning more about the gospel, they just have a few concerns with the Word of Wisdom. Prayers on their behalf would help!

I am hesitant to share this next part for fear of making people sick. So if you have a weak stomach, grab a bowl. When I arrived at my apartment in Spokane I went into the bathroom and found a very unpleasant surprise. The inside of the toilet bowl was completely black! I looked a little closer and realized that the blackness was not simply a stain but was thick bacteria growing all over the inside of the toilet bowl. I soon found out that the reason was because my trainer's last companion was doing a competition with another companionship to see who get their toilet the dirtiest. I don't think the toilet had been cleaned in 12 weeks! It was nasty! Although I must say a little impressive. Don't worry, its clean now.

Now that you all feel sick I'm going to talk about food! There is a Costa Vida in our area that is owned my a member so he gives all missionaries a 70% discount off of everything on the menu! Needless to say I've eaten a lot of Costa Vida since I've been here. I think I been 5 times.

Well being a missionary is awesome! I love the people! I love you guys!
Love Elder Johnson

And here is a letter from Andre's Mission President and a couple pictures...

22 May 2014

Dear Brother and Sister Johnson,

I was pleased to welcome your son, Elder Johnson to the Washington Spokane Mission this week.  I’m happy to report that he arrived safely.  I had the privilege of meeting and associating with him the day of his arrival and note that it is evident that he comes with a great desire to serve Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Elder Johnson understands the role of the Holy Ghost in accomplishing the work here in the Washington Spokane Mission and has committed to live worthy of that power.

After prayerful consideration, I have called Elder Sanders to serve as Elder Johnson’s companion in the Spokane Washington, area. It is our objective to call only the best missionaries to serve as trainers and I believe that your son is in excellent training hands.  We expect that your missionary will serve in this area for the next 6 to 12 weeks as he begins his mission.


I have enclosed photographs of your missionary and assure you that Sister Mullen and I will love Elder Johnson. Our great desire is that his time here will further establish him on the path of righteousness, as well as bless the many people he will serve.

The mission has a website where you can see what is happening in the mission.  Go to:

You can send mail to your son at:
Elder Andre Johnson
2707 E 32nd Ave Apt 2
Spokane WA 99223-4741

Thank you so much for sharing Elder Johnson with us. 

Donald E. Mullen, President

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