Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekly Letter

P-Day was on Friday this week because we went to the Temple.

We finally got a desk!!!! For the past 9 weeks we have been studying using a couch, a porch chair and a coffee (hot chocolate) table. It was very easy to fall asleep. Luckily a ward member had an extra desk. We met one of the other tenants at our apartment named Edward this week. He was super cool. He asked us for help moving some furniture around in a different guy's apartment. He had a chair he was getting rid of so we took that. Then yesterday we were helping a lady move and she had an extra chair so we took that! Our Apartment is looking fancy now! I would send a picture but I left my camera in the car.
Elder Wilson and I love to do what we call Bike contacting. We ride our bikes and stop and talk to everyone that we see. Its great because we pass so many people walking on the street because we are moving way faster than them. One of them we met last week was named Tony. He is an older man with a big beard that we saw at the bus stop. We told him that we taught people about Jesus Christ and he agreed to let us come over and visit him. So we did a few days later. He is super duper nice and he is really sincere and honest. After learning about the restoration he has agreed to be baptized! He could really use some prayers though. He is going through some tough times right now. It seems like that always happens once people start progressing.
One thing that I have seen is that it is super important that we are demonstrating our faith every day. Its not super important exactly what you are having faith in as long as you have faith in something. Let me explain.. no let me sum up (that's for you dad). Last week Elder Wilson and I were really focused on contacting as many people as we could. We set some pretty high goals for ourselves. As we went out and did our best the Lord made miracles happen. Some of those miracles had to do with street contacting. But some of them were random other things. When the Lord see's that we have faith that he will make miracles happen, then he trusts us with his children and he makes things happen. This week we are focused on getting people to church.
Love you guys!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson
p.s. I met a guy that lives across the street named Andre! There are a bunch of Russians in Spokane.

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