Monday, July 28, 2014

Life is Good here in Moran Prairie

We had an awesome week! We saw a ton of miracles! I know I say that like every week but that is what our zone is focusing on right now. A few days ago Elder Wilson was looking up a word in the bible dictionary and he saw the word miracle. He decided to read the definition for it. I only remember one line from it but we both thought it was really cool. It basically said, "Miracles should not be described as rare or uncommon occurrences but as manifestations of God's power." The point is every little thing could be considered a miracle if we have the eyes to see how God is manifesting himself through it.

Miracle #1
Elder Wilson and I decided to ride our bikes to Sister Bangs house. He took off in front and I was pedaling behind him trying to keep up. On this particular stretch of the road you can get going really fast and its really fun. Well Elder Wilson got caught up in the experience and missed the turn to Sister Bangs house. I was so far behind him that by the time I caught up to him we were several blocks past her house and he was stopped talking to someone walking on the sidewalk. The conversation went well. We asked her about religion and she said that she was penacostal and she went to a church on the other side of town. Then we told her that we have a church just right up here and we give free church tours. She was like yeah I'm interested! Your church is right by my house! Sweet! Potential Investigator! Then I told Elder Wilson that we missed the turn a long time ago so we turned around and headed back. Well we arrived at Sister Bangs house at the same time that she was! We would have missed her if we hadn't have missed the turn.

Miracle #2
A few weeks ago we talked to this guy that was walking out on the street named Robert. We offered a free church tour and he was interested. Well we tried to set it up a few times but he kept canceling on us. Well FINALLY we met with him. We took him through the church and told him the basics about the gospel. We use the pictures that are up in the hallways to explain different parts of the gospel. Well at the end we took him to a picture of someone getting baptized. And we asked him if he would be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God. He paused and looked down for about thirty seconds. Silence....... Then he looked up and said "Ya!". It was awesome! Then we realized that he was YSA age so we passed him off to the YSA Elders. But hey, same team. He's is a really awesome guy! It really helped that we brought a member of our ward. One of the main things that we talked about was that when you join the church you join a family. Robert really like that.

Miracle #3
Dora is a 60ish year old lady we saw in the area book that had been taught before a few years ago but nothing really came of it. Last transfer while we were standing outside Costa Vida a woman came up to us and started talking to us. At first she thought that we knew her and when she found out that we didn't she told us that Elders had come by her house before. She told us that she didn't really want to join our church though. Well it was Dora. We didn't really think much of it. We figured we would drop by when we had time. Well we finally got around to having a lesson over there. We taught her the restoration. The spirit was really strong. Dora is very close to God. You can feel it when you are around her. I was saying the same basic words that I say over and over every time I teach the Restoration but this time I felt the power in the simplicity of the message. This is something that I knew would bless her life. Well at the end of the lesson we asked her if she would be baptized and she said, "Yes, as long as you can carry me" Miracle! She came to church yesterday too! She still has concerns about the church which is completely normal. Especially because she has been going to other churches for her whole life. But I am really excited to keep teaching her.
Life is Good here in Moran Prairie. I love this place! I don't want to leave! I have watched so many people change which is incredible! I don't want to leave them right in the middle of their conversion. The ward is awesome! Every week I feel like we get more and more support. And they make really good food for us. We get fed by members almost everyday and for some reason they all think that they have to serve their most fancy meal for the missionaries. Fine with me! I've had a lot of steak! Babam!
Love Yall! (Elder Wilson is from Texas. He doesn't have an accent but he does say yall. I'm starting to pick up on it along with a bunch of other weird words he uses)
Love, Elder (Andre) Johnson

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