Monday, July 7, 2014

New companion - Elder Wilson!

My new companion is the best!!! Elder Wilson is from Waco Texas. He is super funny! He is also a really hard worker. We have been able to work together a lot better than Elder Sanders and I did. We are just on the same page more. 

Elder Sanders is a great guy but I really did struggle with him. He didn't have nearly the same amount of desire to work. It was really hard to come from the MTC where I was super excited to the field where I felt like we were wasting a lot of time and not really bringing the spirit to most lessons. Things got pretty tough at some points last transfer. But they got better especially after a few trainings with President and Sister Mullen. In fact speaking of Sister Mullen I just got a personal call from her this morning. She was just checking up on how I was doing. It was really cool that she did that. I told her that I am feeling much better now. 

Elder Wilson is awesome!!! He has a desire to work and to bring people to Christ! This last week we got a lot done. Our goal for this transfer is to work on having short, quality lessons! So far we have been doing fairly good. In the morning during comp study we lesson plan and role play for all of our lessons. Then when we get there we make sure that we know what time we will be leaving before we go into the lesson.

Thats awesome that you are trying to improve your testimony of the Restoration! My testimony of that has grown a ton since I've been out here! I didn't realize how important it is for the world to know about. About half the people here in Spokane are somewhat religious. But for most of them it doesn't mean that much. Many of them used to have faith but then lost it after going through super hard trials. But that's because they don't have the restored gospel. They only have pieces of the truth. But pieces of the truth often isn't enough. The restored gospel is a much bigger support to them and brings them much closer to Christ than any other religion can. Ha ha when we talk to people out on the streets a lot of times they say "I'm a believer" and keep walking. But they don't understand that we bring much much more than they already have. The thing that has really helped me gain a testimony about the restoration is seeing what we have because of it. (a living prophet, additional commandments, priesthood authority, additional covenants and ordinances, more scripture, more insight into God's plan for us, the list goes on.) 

I'm glad you guys had a fun time in Arizona! I am slightly jealous. But not too much because I'm having awesome experiences up here on the South Hill in Spokane. 

Love You!!
Elder (Andre) Johnson

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