Monday, August 18, 2014

Book of Mormon Musical - we're famous

The Book of Mormon Musical played all this last week. It was pretty exciting because we did a lot to make ourselves famous. 

Our AP's got interviewed by the newspaper and TV people and so were some sisters in the area right next to mine. It was pretty cool to see their picture on the front page of the newspaper. Also this past Saturday was our social media blitz day. So all of the missionaries in Washington got followed around by members of the ward who took pictures of what real Mormon missionaries do and posted it onto their social media sights. These posts were then liked and reposted by members of the ward. If you want to see the posts you can by going onto either facebook, instagram, or twitter and search #mnmspokane. For this day we planned special things to do so that our pictures would be interesting. So in the morning we helped out with a primary activity. It was super fun. Elder Marsh and I as well as the Russian Sisters (Sister Hunt and Perelman) taught the MTC portion of the activity. Those kids have soooo much energy! I'll send pictures after the email. 

Next we taught the plan of salvation to one of our investigators and his kids. It was pretty fun. We helped someone move out of his very messy smelly house which was an adventure. Then we had a BBQ with some ward members and an investigator named Seth at the church pavillion. Then we took Seth on a church tour after. Then we taught a few more lessons. It was pretty fun but super tiring. Elder Marsh and I were BEAT when we got back to the apartment. 

Well I have my camera today so I'll put some pictures of Elder Wilson and I and Elder Marsh and some of the things we did on Saturday.
We have an investigator named Tom who we just started teaching. He isn't actually in our ward boundaries but because of some special circumstances we are teaching him. He is actually blind. He is a super humble guy though. He listens to CD's of the Book of Mormon every day and is planning on being baptized on Sept 6th. I put a picture of Aaron with Elder Wilson and I. 

Cool story:

Once upon a time we got a referral from the Ross's for a lady named Joy. We went over to her apartment several times but she was never there. But her 14 year old daughter Kelly answered the door. so we met her. Once upon another time Elder Wilson and I were out riding our bikes and we started talking to this family with the last name of Sienkiewicz (sank-i-vich) who were out in their drive way. They were nice but the parents weren't that interested. They had a daughter named Victoria who seemed interested. Once upon a third time we went over and talked to the Sienkiewicz family and Victoria had a friend over named Kelly. We didn't connect the dots. Once upon a fourth time we had a lesson with Joy who said that She was interested and her daughter had also talked about being baptized and so had her daughter's friend Victoria. So now if we can get Victoria's father's permission we will teach Joy, Kelly, and Victoria.  It was pretty cool how it all fell in place.

Here's some pictures...

Plan of Salvation Lesson with the Hao's

Bishop Holland and his family

Us at the Primary activity

Behold Spokane

Elder Wilson's and I relationship can be completely described in this picture:

My old District

Elder Marsh

Me and 2 other elders

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