Monday, August 4, 2014

Getting to Church

Its the last week of the transfer already! This transfer has flown by! Elder Wilson and I have had tons of fun and we've worked really hard! Sometimes my brain feels like exploding because I'm trying to think about 4,000 things at once! Although I try not to get to that point because its pretty hard to feel the spirit when I'm like that.
Tony came to Church yesterday! Tony is an older man that we found at a bus stop. We have been teaching him and he finally was able to come to church. He said he really enjoyed it and he wants to come next week!
President Mullen is making a big push for helping get people to church. Usually Elder Wilson and I get 1 maybe 2 investigators at church and a few less actives. After a meeting that we had last Tuesday where President Mullen talked a lot about getting people to church Elder Wilson and I realized that we could be doing a lot more. We looked at the our list of 20 or so investigators and figured that about 18 probably could come to church if we made the effort to invite them, get them and friend and get them a ride. So we thought up a plan for each investigator for how we are going to get them to church and now we are working with our ward missionaries to find fellowship for each of them. We are hoping by that next Sunday all 18 investigators plus any more we pick up will have been invited, have a ride if needed, and will have a family that they have befriended and will be able to sit with at church. I guess we'll see how it works out!

A few days ago we got double booked so I went with Brother Estock to go see Tony and Elder Wilson went with Brother Ross to see a friend of the Ross's. Brother Estock and I were going to take Tony to see a baptism but he said he wasn't feeling too well so we had a lesson with him instead. It went pretty well. When I met back up with Elder Wilson he said that the Ross's friend wants to meet with us more and that we could start teaching her daughter also!! I'm super excited!!

The Lord has been blessing us with more referrals lately. For some reason this week we got several calls from other missionaries about people they had talked to that live in our area that are interested in hearing more. Those are the best phone calls! We've also started to get referrals from members as well! Those one's are the most exciting because they already have a friend in the church!

I have been studying a lot about the Holy Ghost lately. I've been wondering how I can feel it more in my life. One thing that has really helped me is something that Sister Mullen has taught us. Picture yourself like a target with a bulls-eye in the middle. you are shooting for the bulls-eye (the mark). Sometimes we work really hard and we feel the spirit because of it. But sometimes we work so hard that we can't feel the spirit anymore. Sometimes we teach so much we forget to listen. But sometimes we listen so much we never teach. There is a balance to everything. This has really helped me to feel the Holy Ghost more in my life. When I am feeling anxious I know I need to slow down a little and listen more for the spirit. When I'm feeling lazy I know I need to start demonstrating a little faith and asking for the desire to do more and receive more inspiration. I am always shooting for the mark.
Well next Sunday is transfer calls so we'll see what happens. REALLY REALLY REALLY don't want to leave! But if I do it will be ok because it always is.
Have a Great Week!
Love, Elder (Andre) Johnson

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