Monday, January 5, 2015

Epic Picture of Elder Leavitt and I walking into Cheney from our house.

Its been snowing a lot lately which has made life "fun" because we have to walk half the week. Actually it is pretty fun sometimes. So for some reason in all the Spokane area they believe in having the worst roads on the entire earth. One way they achieve this goal is by not doing any sort of plowing on the roads during the winter. So basically the snow just packs down and turns in to ice. But it can be pretty fun because you can slide super far on it. And their are some pretty steep hills in Cheney and you can slide from the top all the way to the bottom with out stopping. Its awesome.

So right now our mission has a goal of doubling its baptisms in 3 months. So right now each zone, district, companionship, and missionary is setting goals and plans to achieve that. In our zone we started doing something called the daily quest or mission. Right now we are focused on inviting people to be baptized so the quests are always tied into that. The daily quests are creative ways to inspire you to do something. And they are super fun. Te first day we had to Invite someone to be baptized over the phone. It was sweet! We turned a former investigator into a new investigator and we also found two people that want a Book of Mormon. The next day we had to invite a neighbor to be baptized. This one was kinda hard for us because we only have 1 neighbor besides the cows next door. So we went and talked to our neighbor. He said no to being baptized but he was super nice and invited us back to visit with the person who actually owns the house. The next day we had to invite someone to be baptized who was walking their dog. "I Stood all Amazed!" God put dogs in our path. We were talking to one of our investigators and her neighbor came out with his dog so we quickly started talking to him and now he is an investigator. Then later we were walking and we saw someone who brought their dog out to make yellow snow so we invited her to be baptized and she said yes. Right before we were going to go her roommate came out with his dog! Its like God was telling us, "You need to invite him also". It was sweet. Anyway the quest thing is pretty fun and it seems to be working pretty well. Tonight after P-day we have to invite someone to be baptized by first complementing them on their shoes. 

Love you people!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

p.s. Last night I had a dream I came home. I was happy to see all the family. But I was also pretty devastated. Sorry I'm not ready to come home yet. But I still love you!

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