Monday, February 23, 2015

District Destruction

My District is getting destroyed. Sister Frye (center of sisters) isn't in my district but she was last transfer. She is going home because of medical reasons. Sister Crowell (furthest to the left) and Sister Nemrow (Furthest sister to the right) got their visas to their original missions and are going to Taiwan tomorrow. Sister Pope (second sister from right) is finishing her mission at the end of this transfer. And Elder Leavitt is also going home at the end of this transfer which leaves only Sister Jenkins and I. And because we only have 3 missionaries coming into the mission this transfer we are predicting that Cheney 1st will be combined with the YSA. We'll see. I'm gonna miss my district. Its been fun. 
Oh yeah and this picture is a really good description of Mine and Elder Leavitt's companionship.
Well the Smiths are diligently working on quitting smoking again. They could really use prayers. Sebastian and Janita are planning on being married this friday and baptized on Saturday. 
Rick will be baptized very soon but we aren't sure on the date yet. 
There are several other Part Member families in the ward that we are focusing on and we feel will be baptized within the next few months.

This is a picture of Sprague Church. Are you allowed to take pictures at church? I don't know. Sprague Church happens every other week. Its in the Sprague Community Hall. There is a super cool spirit at Sprague church. Almost everyone there was either baptized or returned to activity in the past few years. Yesterday we got to see Brother Marquis receive the Aaronic priesthood. It was awesome! Especially because Brother Lee was the one that did the ordination. Brother Lee returned to activity last summer and just recently received the Melchizedek priesthood.

Service seems to work pretty well in Sprague. Last summer the ward took on a huge project. A former pastor owned an old building that fell down so the ward members went out everyday for two months and helped him clean it up. Now that former pastor holds the Melchizedek priesthood. His name is Brother Thompson. Well brother Thompson introduced us to a man named Bob. He was recovering from open heart surgery that he had a few months back. He was living in this super old house that was very ugly. Before his heart problems he had purchased new siding to put on his house but now was unable to put it up. So the ward has been taking a few hours every Saturday to go out and put siding on his house. I'll send a picture once I get one. Bob has been much more receptive to our teaching ever since we started the project. 

Well that is some of the cool stuff happening up here in Eastern Washington.
Love ya!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

Holy Moley 1 more thing! Our district does a "game night" every Saturday night that we can bring investigators and members to. One of the YSA members found out that I went to PG highschool so she was asking if I knew this person or that person. Then she asked if I knew Marci Johnson... Uh ya thats my sister. She was like no way I played on her soccer team! She plays on the EWU soccer team now. Crazy connections.


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