Monday, March 2, 2015

Bye Elder Leavitt :(

We saw some cool miracles yesterday. Rick and his daughter came to church. We had a lesson in Gospel Principles about tithing and fast offerings and he asked us if he was allowed to pay tithing before he was baptized. He was really excited about it. He also participated in Elder's Quorum a lot. This was great progress for Rick because he hardly had any Christian background growing up so its hard for him to participate because he doesn't understand a lot of the things we talk about at church. It was awesome to see the way that he soaked up everything he could yesterday. It was also really cool to see the way that he interacted with members. He looks like he's been going to church for years.
We were disappointed that Sebastian and Janita didn't come to church. Later that night we went by to find out why. Sebastian told us that he and Janita had a lot of stuff they had to do in Spokane that day and they also spent some family time at the mall. But then he told us that they still wanted to go to church so they looked up the locations on their phone and went to church out in Spokane. It was sweet! I mean I still want them to come to our ward but the fact that they made church a big enough priority to go to a different church even though it was inconvenient was pretty exciting.

Elder Leavitt is going home in 1 week. Its really weird. Last Thursday we had our weekly planning session. They way we do it is we write down our schedule for every half hour for the week on our whiteboard. After we were done Elder Leavitt looked up at it and said, "My entire mission is on that whiteboard" AHHHHHHH. Missions go by way too fast!

Transfers are coming up in a week. I probably won't leave but you never know. I sure hope I don't. We found out that we only have 3 new missionaries coming into the mission and about 30 that are going home. So basically this transfer a whole bunch of areas will be combined. It will be interesting to see what happens.

That's whats goin on in Cheney.
Love Ya!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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