Monday, February 2, 2015

Superbowl mourning in Cheney

To start off I just wanted to say that I am almost as disappointed as you Lindy. The entire city of Cheney is depressed right now because of the Super Bowl. Last night we were walking down the street and we watched a couple break up right after the game. Ha ha our guess is that they were mad and needed to take our their anger on something. We also saw this guy that we knew but we figured it would be best to talk to him later because of all the profanity he was yelling. It was very difficult to proselyte last night because everyone was watching the game. Ha ha we had a few quick lessons with people at their doorstep but they were only half paying attention because they were watching the game.

There's kind of a long story behind why we took this picture that takes to long to write. But it turned out pretty good so I thought I'd show it to you.

Sebastian and Janita are coming along great! It is super cool to hear their testimonies! The spirit is always super strong every time we go over there. Right now the only thing in the way of them getting baptized is they need to get married. They had their marriage planned for March when their family could be their, but right now they are considering moving it back to February so they can be baptized then having a reception later that their family can attend.

The Smiths are still struggling to give up Smoking. They could really use some prayers. Their testimonies are really great though. We've especially seen that improve in Sis Smith in our recent visits.

This week we met this guy named Sean and invited him to come to Stake Conference. He came! We had a special meeting before the General Session for New/potential and Returning Members which he came to. The only thing is he walked in carrying a cup of Coffee. Ha ha  I used to get super nervous when investigators did stuff like this at church but I've seen a lot worse than bringing coffee to church so I just kinda laughed to myself. After that meeting I told him that we would be going to the chapel for the next meeting and that he shouldn't bring his drink with him. The look on his face was priceless as the realization set in and he said, "You guys are the ones that don't drink coffee" He was pretty embarrassed. But it was fine. We told him it wasn't a big deal and he felt better after that. He is a super awesome guy though. He is very humble and excited to learn about how he can come closer to Jesus Christ.
Here is an interesting phenomenon we saw this week.

Boo Yah. I'm on a bike!

Love yall!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson


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