Monday, April 20, 2015


Transfers!!! Man I always try and make the email after transfer dramatic but it doesn't really work. So I'll just tell you without any exclamation points. I'm staying. Yay. I'm happy. Elder Bowring is also staying. I was pretty surprised that I was staying because I have been here for 6 months. But I am glad that I am staying.
Kimberlie Westfall is doing great and planning on being baptized this saturday! (oh man I used an exclamation point. I had to. It's exciting) 

Yesterday we had a lesson with Felicity. She's the one that asked us if she could be an investigator last week. We had an awesome lesson about the Restoration. We were planning on doing a lesson on the Book of Mormon next time and giving her the book then, but she asked if she could have one. We can't say no. She said, "I love to read. I'll read it all before next time we meet" We're meeting with her in 2 days. Ha ha we'll see how far she gets but the fact that she is excited about it is pretty cool. 

Anyway I know this is a short letter. This week I will pay more attention to the miracles I see so I can write a more exciting letter next week. 

Love Ya!
-Elder Johnson

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