Monday, April 13, 2015

Two pretty cool miracles

Hola de muchacho de queso de espanol de las casas!!!!!

We had a pretty good week this week! We went and saw the Westfall family. The family was originally on date for this coming Saturday but because of Word of Wisdom issues the parents won't be able to be baptized on that day. But Kimberlie the daughter is still set on being baptized. Unfortunately we had to move the date back to April 25th because of scheduling reasons. We will hopefully be putting the Parents back on date soon. 

This week we saw some pretty cool miracles. 

1. We went to go visit Travis a less active member at his apartment the other night. He answered the door and we saw that he had a few friends over that were playing a board game. We asked a few questions about the game they were playing when out of nowhere the girl that was sitting there asked, "Do you guys come and knock on his door very often? Because I live downstairs and you never knock on my door." We explained that we usually don't knock on people's doors till we know them but we definitely can come knock on yours. She said that would be great. So we're going by tonight! Her name is Felicity. This happened at the end of a long day of rejections. We had talked to A LOT of people that day but we didn't have much success. Then at the end of the day God just gave us a new investigator without us having to do anything. 

2. We were walking around and we saw this lady that always stands outside her apartment complex in the same place everyday to smoke. I've tried to talk to her like 9,000 times since I've been here but she always just blows us off. But the other day Elder Bowring who has never met her went up and started talking to her and for some reason she opened right up and now she is a new investigator! I was amazed! When I saw him going up to her I had no faith but I was rebuked soundly. Which I was ok with. 

We had a mini missionary this week. Thats a highschool kid getting ready for a mission that stays with you for a few days. That made things kinda fun,.

Well I love yall.
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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