Monday, May 4, 2015

Hot Chocolate

I feel old. My Ward Mission Leader's Daughter's family, the Leavenworth's are in Bowdish ward, my old area. I would have dinner at their house pretty often. I remember Sister Leavenworth always talking about her daughter who was on a mission who had six months left. Well I got kinda freaked out yesterday when my Ward Mission Leader said that his granddaughter got home from her mission that day. The last 6 months just flew by! But the experiences I am having are amazing! Some of them are super exhilarating, spiritual, and motivating. Some are bland, tiring, and difficult. But nevertheless they are all amazing. I am learning from the good and the bad. I feel like no moments are wasted. I feel like they are all preparing me for my future. 

Here was one of those great experiences. Elder Bowring and I didn't shop very well this week so some times it was hard to decide what to have for dinner. I used a skill I learned at a very early age. Look in the pantry, find nothing, go to the fridge, find nothing, go to the cupboard find nothing, go to the pantry, find nothing, go to the fridge find nothing, go to the cupboard find nothing, go to the pantry and lower your expectations. Eat. This is what I did. What I found in the pantry was six different kinds of Hot Chocolate. So I decided that for dinner I would discover which of the six brands of Hot Chocolate tasted best. I made every cup exactly how the ingredients directed me to. I had a glass of water to drink in between every cup of hot chocolate to renew my taste buds. It was a great learning experience for my life! I discovered that Stephen's Candy cane Hot Chocolate is to die for! I also found out that Western Family hot chocolate is also to die for but in a different way. 

One of the highlights of this week was we convinced Bob, a hard hearted old cuss that lives in Sprague to come up to Cheney for a church tour. We drove all the way down to Sprague, met Bro Thompson. Woke Bob up. Told him to get ready. Then we all drove back up to Cheney in Bro Thompson's car. Did the Church tour. Drove back to Sprague. We visited a few people down there then came back to Cheney. Needless to say we invested quite a bit into this church tour. But its because we have faith in this stubborn old cuss. We have seen his countenance change from the first time Bro Thompson introduced us. He has lots of questions about the Mormon "cult" but each time we go over his heart gets a little softer.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mothers or prospective Mothers!
Here's a cool video about you. Plus its a plug for family history.

-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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