Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Preaching in Hail

The picture didn't turn out as well as I hoped because you can't tell that it is hailing.

Me preaching the gospel in hail

This week I went on exchanges to Davenport. It is a small town of 1500ish people about 45 minutes west of Spokane. Right now there is only a branch but very soon it will turn into a ward. They have a phase 1 church building which means it is really small but can be built on to. They other day at exchanges we had to go to the church for something and when we walked into the multi purpose room (Chapel) this is what we found. Someone had broken into the church by pushing the window in. You can't see it in the picture but the cupboard where the electronics were kept was left wide open. It was pretty crazy. The Sheriff came and was looking around the building for any more clues. Then we watched him extract some fingerprints off the window. It was sweet.

It was a great day in Davenport. One of the Miracles that we saw was we were walking by this lady named Doris who was weeding her flower beds. We offered to help her and she turned us down. We tried striking up a conversation and she wasn't having it. She said I am not interested. So as a final attempt to have a good contact we asked her if we could say a prayer. With reluctancey in her voice she said ok. When we all said amen we were surprised to see that there was another lady there that had joined us in the middle of the prayer. She explained that Doris was her sister in law and that she actually was the one that lived here. She was very nice. One of the first things she asked us was, "do you want to get your hands dirty and help weed?" Ha Ya we do! We taught her the Restoration while we were weeding and gave her a pamphlet and she was very excited to read it it and learn more.

Love you!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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