Monday, June 8, 2015



Sandpoint is sweet! So turns out we cover 3 units. Sunnyside ward, Clarkfork branch, and all YSA aged people in the Sunnyside and Clarkfork areas. The area is hugemongous! Good thing our area is a full time car area... oh what did I say car? I mean full time truck area. Boo Yah! Miles wise we have 100 to use every day. And we use it. Elder Baczuk (One more reminder that his name is pronounced Bay-Zuck) Is awesome! He's crazy. Super random and spontaneous but he is awesome.

God is at work here in Sandpoint. I've seen quite a few miracles since I've been here. I got here Tuesday evening. We had a lesson with a recent convert then went and tried their neighbors who are a Part Member Family. When we pulled up there was a 20's year old guy out smoking. He said, "Are you guys LDS? I almost came to your church last Sunday, but I thought I might not fit it." We assured him that he would be welcome coming to our church. And he agreed to come! He didn't. But he shared with us that he has been looking for a church for him and his wife to raise their children in. Next miracle. We were at a members house for dinner and one of their neighbors came over talk some business. He introduced himself to us and asked us about missionary service. We asked him if we could come share a message with him and he said that was great. It was too easy for God not to be involved there. Next. Last night we went to contact a referral. It was a guy named Kelly who supposedly works at a cafe and lives on 22 jensen. We drove out to the area where we thought Jensen road was but found nothing. We wondered down random dirt roads but never found it. We did find a Jenkins road however. But it was quite far from the general location that we thought Kelly lived. So we looked at the house numbers and there was no 22 but there was another house in the 20's. We pulled over in frustration and said, well we're here for a reason. So we went and knocked on the door. Amber answered the door. Turns out she is Kelly's Girlfriend! She was very surprised that Kelly was interested and was pretty standoffish to us. But as we talked about families she completely changed and asked us, "So do you feel like growing up in the church helped you to be quality people?" The way she said it made us think she was asking if we thought we were better than other people. But turns out she was very sincere because she wanted her kids to be raised with more structure. It was sweet!

There were more miracles but I don't have time. I love you guys!

-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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