Monday, October 26, 2015

Delicious to Me

My delicious breakfast! Pancakes with an egg cooked in the middle of it. Mom you would be proud of all the cooking we've been doing! This last week we made fajitas! Ya I know right. And they were actually good! We are getting so good at cooking that we've decided that we will bring chili to our ward trunk or treat and Chili Dinner this Friday! We may or may not just buy a few cans of chili from Wal-mart and warm it up in a pan but hey, I'm sure they'll be impressed. We just started a new tradition that hopefully sticks. Free quesadilla Thursday from the Elders! I know the name doesn't flow but Thursdays just work best for our schedule. We live right next to Moscow High school so every day at lunch time we see tons of students leaving the school to go get lunch. So we're gonna start giving free quesadillas out on Thursdays. We'll just start by inviting members from our ward but if there's free food involved I'm sure they'll invite their friends. Our greatest cooking adventure however since Elder Holmes and I have been together is our invention of the Chicken Nugget Bean Burrito! Its basically exactly what it sounds like. Tortilla, beans, Chicken Nuggets (we prefer the frozen dino nuggets from Wal-Mart) and cheese. And you can add hot sauce if you want. When Elder Holmes first came up with the idea my thought was probably the same as yours is now, Thats disgusting! Though I didn't believe at that time that it was good I had nothing save a desire for it to be good and I exercised a particle of faith and experimented on the word and found out that it did indeed become delicious to me. (Alma 32:27-28) The mixture of chicken bean and cheese was very complimentary.

Well now that you are either inspired or disgusted I invite you to act accordingly.

The missionary work is going great too! We are teaching some really great people right now. We had another meeting with the Pikarella family last night. It was inspiring to hear their stories about how God had given them answers to their prayers in their past, and we taught about how God can give them answers to their prayers about the Book of Mormon today.

This week I've been learning more about having Faith all the time. I've really learned through experience that Satan wants our lives to be miserable. He wants us to be uncomfortable and to worry. He wants our minds to be in confusion. He wants us to react to fear rather than act in Faith. He is always putting thoughts into our minds that make us doubt in fear and make our life uncomfortable. Faith is the firmness of mind, the trust in God, that make these temptations from Satan loose all their power. This week I've been practicing having faith every moment and never allowing fear and doubt to creep in. I'm far from perfect, but as I've been working on it I have felt a lot more peace in my day to day life and I'm all around more happy.

-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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