Monday, January 11, 2016

Six Things

Here they are:

1. We had great lesson with Cindy! And she came to church!

2. We had our first lesson with Felicia this week. It went really well. She is the one that told us we could come teach her but that she might not convert because she is Catholic. So we brought a member of our ward who converted from Catholicism. She shared her testimony and it was really powerful!

3. My companion gave a talk in church about the Godhead. It was sweet.

4. We made some good food this week. Rice, frozen vegetables, eggs, ham, thai basil sauce stuff, all mixed together. It was goooood, really good. 

5. We're going to go to a different church's bible study tomorrow. That should be fun. 

6. I've been studying a lot from PMG chap 13 and its been sweet!

If any of you have time my companion and I are compiling a list of Frequently Asked Questions or Concerns among members regarding missionary work. For example (I've already invited all of my friends, now what?)(How do I casually start a gospel conversation?)\
If you have any, email me.

I hope you have enjoyed this spark notes version of my week.
Love you!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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