Tuesday, January 19, 2016


This week we were in a Tripanionship. Elder Rasmussen joined Elder Olson and I. The reason is because Elder Rasmussen's companion Elder Cummings has a pacemaker and apparently it was running out of battery so last Tuesday he flew to Salt Lake and had surgery. But it was a pretty simple surgery so he actually flew back this last Saturday. We actually went to the airport to pick him up. THAT WAS WEIRD! I wasn't planning on being in that building for a few months. Part of the trip though we were asked by our mission president to go to Cheney and pick up a car. So I got to go back to Cheney! It was awesome! Lots of good memories. 

A benefit of the tripanionship was that we got to drive in Elder Rasmussen's car the whole week! That was pretty nice! 

We had a great lesson with Felicia this week. She had lots of very good questions. It was obvious that she had been thinking about it a lot. We brought another member of our church who was a convert from the Catholic church and they became friends very quickly. Turns out they're only a year apart in age!

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Love ya!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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