Monday, January 25, 2016

Three quick things

This week we found a new investigator named Crystal. She's pretty awesome! She's very intellectual. She questions things if they aren't logical. Sometimes too much for her own good. Kinda sounds like me. At this point she doesn't believe in God. It doesn't logically make sense to her. But she is open to. I'm pumped to teach her because the more and more I learn about the Gospel the more and more it makes perfect sense! I love explaining the Plan of Salvation to people and the whole purpose of existence, and how the Gospel perfectly fulfills our purpose. 

We also found a few other people to start teaching. One of them is named Donna. Her and her husband are in their 70's. They have been Methodists for a looong time. They let us in just to share a quick message about Jesus Christ so we showed them A Savior is Born video. But after that I asked about what the Methodists believe. Donna explained where the Methodists church broke off not long after Martin Luther. Then she asked where the Mormon church broke off from. It was a perfect set up for us to teach the Restoration. Afterward she agreed to read the Book of Mormon! We'll see how she likes it in a few weeks. 

We got a pretty awesome compliment from Felicia this week. She told us, "Its going to be hard for me to convert, but I'm willing to try because I can see the devotion that you have to it. I can tell its something that you really care about and you just want to share it with others. And your not asking anything from me but to ask God". It was a great to hear that. I felt like I was doing my job.

Love you!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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