Monday, June 9, 2014

The Field is White!

Hey guys!! Its a great day to be a missionary in the Washington Spokane Mission! (That's what President Mullen says everyday he talks to us)

This week some cool things happened. On Thursday I went on exchanges with Elder Buchanan from the Shilo Hills area, which is down more in the city. Two great things happened.
First, I had the smoothest street contact of my whole mission! That morning during personal study I studied about moving the conversation quickly to the restoration when street contacting. So I did it and it was like text book perfect. We started talking to her and we found out that she was religious. So I told her about how we have a unique message about how there is a prophet on the earth today just like there were prophets in the bible. She seemed really interested and we set up a time to meet again! It was awesome!!! I don't really thing it was my own skills, she was just really prepared.

Second, we were visiting a recent contact named Deborah and teaching her the lesson on The Gospel of Jesus Christ. She mentioned that she wanted to invite one of her caregivers to church on Sunday. Well about 10 minutes later guess who randomly decides to visit Deborah? Her Caregiver Ashley! She came in and Deborah explained that we were her missionaries from the church. Ashley was pretty interested, and she told us that she was really starting to get more religious because she felt like she needed it in her life. She said that she had been going to a Christian church. Deborah invited her to come with her to our church and she was like, "ya we should totally do that". Deborah explained that she had been baptized a year earlier into our church, and Ashley replied by saying that she had been thinking about getting baptized recently. Now Elder Buchanan and I jumped into the conversation by saying, "well that's actually what we were just teaching Deborah!" She was like, "Now way teach me too!" So we gave her a Gospel Pamphlet than taught her about being baptized by someone holding priesthood authority. Her words exactly, "That is so beautiful!" She told us about how when she was younger her uncle taught church in his living room and he baptized people too and she thought that was kind of weird. Anyway we got her address and stuff so that she can be taught more. It was just incredible to see how prepared she was! Our job was incredibly easy! Everything worked out so well!
Elder Sanders and I have been teaching this street family for a while and I am really coming to love them. I say street family because they aren't really a family they just act like it. David and Kelly act like they are married, but they aren't. Then there (Mom) Dianna isn't really their Mom but she lives with them and acts like there mom. They all have varying degrees of mental disability so its always an adventure to go visit them. At first Elder Sanders and I really had a hard time getting everyone to focus but we are getting a lot better. One cool thing about them is that they are constantly bringing new people into their apartment to come live with them (which may or may not be legal) but its cool because there are always more people to introduce to the gospel and invite to church.
Ian is going through some hard times so prayers would be appreciated.
Well I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

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