Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The work is picking up a little

Hey Peeps! It is a great day to be a Missionary in the Washington Spokane Mission!

The work is picking up a little. Several of our investigators beginning to progress.  

Ian got married on Saturday and he texted us that morning and said that he would see us at church next Sunday so we are hoping that he follows through and shows up so we can start teaching him again. He told us back when we were teaching him that his wife doesn't really like organized religion but he also said that she will probably come around eventually. I definitely want to ask him again when we start teaching him again because it will be way better if they are coming to Christ together.

Ed Perez. Have I already told you about Ed Perez? He is awesome! Currently he is our investigator that is progressing the most. He is married to a Less Active member of our ward name Heidi. On my first day out we went over to visit her and we met him. He was pretty drunk at the time so he was really nice to us and told us that we were awesome. (drunk guys are always nice to us for some reason). Well we've been meeting with him a lot lately. He is really gaining a testimony. It started off with his desire to be a nicer person that did service for people and stuff. But we've taught him about prayer and about the Book of Mormon and about repentance and it is becoming a desire to know God and follow him. Last time we met with him he said that he did the commitment we gave him to pray about what he could do to come closer to Christ and he had a really cool experience. He said that for the last two days he had been crying because he felt like God really loved him and was helping him to be better. He knows that he has to give up alcohol and smoking which he outright admitted to us he loves. But he really wants to do what God commands him and he has born his testimony already that he felt like God is helping him get rid of his addictions. His wife Heidi has been present for some of the lessons but she usually leaves early. We really want to get her more involved so that she can strengthen her testimony and have the desire to go back to church.

Aaron and oh. Have I told you about them? Man I can't remember. Well Aaron is the first counselor's neighbor and Oh is his wife. He is very white and she is from Thailand and speaks a limited amount of English. They also have 3ish year old son named David. Aaron is way awesome! He loves the Bible and he loves God! He loves having us over to talk about "the word" as he says it. Oh has a very limited Christian background because she grew up in Thailand. We try to teach to both of them but it is kind of hard because Aaron knows the bible super well and likes talking about super in depth things and Oh needs the simple things of the gospel. For the last two weeks we have been meeting with Aaron and Oh and the First Counselor and his wife and some other friends from a different ward. Aaron and Oh really enjoy the company and he really enjoys the fellowship. Hopefully we can help them come to church this coming Sunday.

We had interviews with the President Mullen and his Wife this last Thursday. They are so awesome! I love it when I get the chance to be trained by them because I always leave the trainings feeling more confident and prepared. Not to pick favorites but the way Sister Mullen teaches really makes sense to me. She teaches basic principles then gives examples of how they apply. She is also really bold. She will call you out if she can see that your opinion is distorted. Its awesome! President Mullen has an insane amount of energy! He always talks really loud and he is always really excited. Ha ha I saw a few pictures of him before I came out and he is the exact opposite of what I thought he would be. He is really cool though.

Well have a great

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