Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekly letter

A lot of great stuff has happened this week! Too much to write about all of it, so I'll just write a few cool experiences that I had this week.


1.There is this certain apartment complex in our area that Elder Sanders and I proselyte in several times a week because there are lots of active and less-active members there. As we have walked around up there we have befriended this 7ish year old girl named Yetsini who is outside playing all day everyday. A few days ago we were street contacting a resident and we asked her if we could say a prayer with her. Well Yetsini was had come over to say hello so we asked her if she wanted to join us. After the prayer Yetsini said, "That was fun!". Well yesterday we were up there again and we saw Yetsini with a bunch 6 other girls that ranged from age 4-9. So we gave them all a picture of Jesus. Then Yetsini asked, "Can we say a prayer?" Elder Sanders said, "Sure! Do you want to say it?" She was a little embarrassed and said that she didn't really know how. So Elder Sanders and I taught all of them how to pray. Then Yetsini prayed for us. It was a simple but powerful prayer! Then one of the other girls said, "I want to say one too" So she did. Then another one did. All of us but the two youngest girls each took our turn saying a prayer. After it was over Elder Sanders and I told that they should pray every night. It was a really cool experience!

2. Yesterday we also had a lesson with a women named Andrea. She is really awesome and really prepared! First of all her name is basically my name. Second she told us about a lot of experiences she has had where she has felt the spirit. She is Baptist but hasn't been active for several years, and she said that she is ready to start doing more to come closer to God. We set up another time to go talk to her so I am really excited!
I have learned a lot about faith since I have been out here. I love Alma 32 where it defines faith (v 21), then takes you through the process of having faith grow into a knowledge (v. 27-28). I have read and reread that passage many many times since I've been out here and I keep learning ever time.

Happy Fathers day in 364 days!
Love Elder (Andre) Johnson

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