Monday, September 29, 2014

Elder Folu!

This is Elder Folu and I! And Elder Braman (Brayman) is there too. I don't know why we all look so serious.

Here is a sweet picture of Elder Folu walking into the sunset.

Elder Folu is Sweet! He is from New Zealand. He has been out on his mission for 18 months. He is really good at teaching people and bearing his testimony. Some times I forget that I am a missionary and have to teach because I am busy listening to Elder Folu teach. 

Elder Folu is also really good at playing the Ukulele. So now I carry the ukulele in my bag and we go around and sing primary songs to random people on the street and also the members that we visit with. It is really awesome! It brings the spirit really well. It also starts the relationship off really well. 

Well Bowdish ward is awesome! They are super missionary minded. Yesterday for the primary program there were 3 non-member families in the congregation that members had invited and the week before I came there were 16 nonmembers in church!

I am right in the center of the mission. The Mission office is in my area! It is really weird! But its cool. 

Love you guys!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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