Monday, September 8, 2014

Thank you

Thank You for the Package! I haven't actually opened it yet because I accidently left it at the stake center which I don't have a key to. But some other elders have it and I should get it today. I'm sure I will love everything in there!
Dennis came to church again! It is a real testimony to me about the importance of church because he has changed so much just from going to church twice. We haven't taught any of the lessons to him yet. A lot of times he gets nervous about going but he knows he needs to go so he does.

The other day Elder Marsh and I were riding our bikes and we came up behind someone so I decided to stop and talk to her. Turns out she was a former investigator that I had only talked to once! The reason I had only talked to her once is because she had basically told us that she wasn't interested. But this time we had a great conversation and she sounded much more open to the things that we were talking about. We are going to go visit her tomorrow.

I know that Jesus Christ is my savior. I know that wherever we are in life if we turn to him we will be changed in exactly the way that we need to be changed. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the kingdom of God on earth. I know that it is led by a prophet who has the authority to speak the words that Christ would speak if he were here. And I know that it is only through the restored gospel that we can return to our Heavenly Father. This message is wonderful. It is the most important thing we can come to know in our lives. We have the responsibility and privilege to share it with all those who don't know.

Love, Elder (Andre) Johnson

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