Monday, September 15, 2014

Tie Party!!!

Brother Fletcher of Spokane 1st ward had us over for a Tie Party! Now I have 18 more much needed ties! The other Elders in the picture are Elder Schroeder, Elder Leavitt, Elder Marsh, Elder Beckstead, Me, and Elder Satuala in front. 

Thank You for the Package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I opened it. It was really fun to read all of the letters you guys sent me! I also really have enjoyed eating those oatmeal creme pies! You guys know me well.

We just recently started teaching a Less-Active named Lisa. She asked us if we could give her mom who has cancer a blessing. So we did! Now we have 2 new investigators from that! Recently there have been a few different investigators that have come from less actives. I'm learning that that is an effective way to find new people to teach. Last transfer I worked really hard at street contacting to find new investigators. It worked, but unfortunately most of the people walking out on the streets are crazy so they don't like keeping commitments. Don't get me wrong I still like street contacting but I am really starting to like the idea of talking to less actives and investigators about their family and friends who aren't members. 

This past friday Elder Marsh (District Leader) organized a district activity to rejuvenate our spirits and help us enjoy our work. So he made a point system for different things you do as a missionary. For example 7 points for teaching a lesson. 3 points for talking to someone on the street. 3 points for sharing a scripture. 8 points for setting up a church tour with someone. 15 points for a new investigator and 25 points for putting someone on date for baptism. We had two hours to get as many points as we could then we quickly met up with each other and gave each place a prize. Elder Marsh and I worked hard and got 103 points! We were pretty excited! But then when we met up we found out that we got last place. The Russian Sisters got 444 points! We got dominated. Ha ha it was fun though. The Russians sisters got a 25 dollar gift card to walmart. The Manito Sisters got second place and they got this big delicious looking cake. The Shilo Hills Elders got 3rd place and they got some Lindor chocolates and Elder Marsh and I got candy bars. We lost but hey it was pretty fun. 
Have a great week!

-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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