Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Lord has a plan

I've found that the fact that this church is true really helps me out when I'm teaching. Yesterday Elder Leavitt and I were teaching a lady who was baptized 2 years ago but fell away. The lesson was very scattered. We both struggled to explain our thoughts. But the funny thing was that she totally felt the spirit! At the end of the lesson she said, "ya that makes a lot of sense, I need to start praying". It was super weird because Elder Leavitt and I both felt the spirit during the lesson even though we really struggled to find her need and teach simply. After we got out of the lesson we were like, "well its a good thing that God wants her to accept the Gospel because that would have not turned out so well if he didn't." 

Ya lately I have really seen how the Lord has a plan for everyone of his children and he knows what he is doing. Last week the Smith family "fell off date" for baptism. We weren't sure why this was part of God's plan. But ever since then the ward has been reaching out to our investigators way more! Its sweet! Its good for not only the Smiths but also for the members that get to do missionary work. And now the Smiths are back on date again!

Unfortunate continuous phenomenon/Test of my manliness:
We share a car for half the week with the Sister Missionaries here in Cheney. And for the last 3 weeks without fail it has been great weather everyday that we have the car. And the day we give up the car the weather goes fowl again. This last time we gave the car up things were looking pretty good outside. But turns out the moment we parked and turned the car off it started to rain outside and continued for the entire day. Ha ha I guess God is just giving me opportunities to get more Man Night Points. (Ask John Packer what Man Night Points are) .

Did any of you invite someone to watch a video on Mormon Channel? I invited 2 over email so far. 
If you didn't read the challenge last time I'll write it here again so you can do it.

Its super important that every person on this earth has the opportunity to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ by exercising Faith, Repentance, Ordinances, Feeling the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. One great way to do this is to invite somebody to visit mormonchannel.org and watch one of the inspiring videos. I invite you to invite someone (nonmember, less active, or active) to visit mormonchannel.org this week. If you do this write me an email that says you did it a long with an unusual word ie. (gargantuos, or majestic) and I will commit to say that word in my next lesson. I promise you that if you make the smallest effort to share the gospel the Lord will increase your confidence and ability to share the Gospel. He will also trust you with more of his children. As you make a small effort again and again you will become like Alma and Ammon who were the means by which thousands of people accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love you!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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