Monday, January 12, 2015

Zone Quest

The Smith Family is coming along. The ward is really starting to reach out and bring them into the fold. Satan is definitely working his hardest on them though. They could really use some prayers right now. Especially Sister Smith who is trying to quit smoking.  

Zone Quest Miracle!
A few days ago the quest for the day was to find a couple and make them new investigators. So that day Elder Leavitt and I visited all the couples that we had met before that we had addresses for. We tried a few and they were either not home or not interested. Right before dinner we stopped by Damien and Brooklyn. I had talked to them a few times in the parking lot since I've been in Cheney but they were never that interested so we could never talk for very long. Whenever we would know on the door they wouldn't answer. But this time they answered! It was snowing inside and I think they felt bad for us so they let us in. Turns out they are super Elect! We taught them the Restoration and they loved it! It was basically the classic lesson that you think of when you think of missionary work. Usually it doesn't run so smooth. Usually they have concerns about the first vision or the Book of Mormon. But Damien and Brooklyn loved it. They were super focused during the lesson. They had a one year old boy that was walking around messing with stuff in the house and usually when that happens the parents are constantly chasing the kid. But during this lesson they just let the kid go and were paying very close attention to what we were saying. After we finished reciting the first vision they said, "Wow I have never heard of that before. Thats amazing!... Thats so cool that you guys came by today because we have been looking for a church". The spirit was super strong during the lesson! I'm super excited to go back and see them again. They accepted a baptism invite and are preparing for the beginning of February!

Recently the Sacrament has become much more meaningful to me. Yesterday we had church down in Sprague where only 18-25 people attend. The Spirit was super strong as I listened to a recent convert who was baptized in June bless the Sacrament. I really felt strengthened as I realized the significance and simplicity of taking upon you the name of Christ and receiving a remission of your sins when you take the Sacrament. I know that participating in this ordinance weekly is mandatory to our spiritual progression. I know that while it is simple it has a profound impact on our lives.
Its super important that every person on this earth has the opportunity to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ by exercising Faith, Repentance, Ordinances, Feeling the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. One great way to do this is to invite somebody to visit and watch one of the inspiring videos. I invite you to invite someone (nonmember, less active, or active) to visit this week. If you do this write me an email that says you did it a long with an unusual word ie. (gargantuos, or majestic) and I will commit to say that word in my next lesson. I promise you that if you make the smallest effort to share the gospel the Lord will increase your confidence and ability to share the Gospel. He will also trust you with more of his children. As you make a small effort again and again you will become like Alma and Ammon who were the means by which thousands of people accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love you guys!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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