Monday, March 23, 2015

Exchange with Elder Maguet

A few days ago I had the chance to go on exchanges with my old companion Elder Maguet! It was pretty fun to walk the streets of Cheney again just like old times. We had a pretty cool experience with this couple named Damien and Brooklyn. There is a bit of a back story for them though. When I very first came to Cheney they were referred to us by the YSA Sisters here in Cheney. We talked to them several times in the parking lot of their apartment complex but they were never seemed very interested and we could never get an appointment with them. Then when Elder Leavitt got here we decided to visit them one more time before we stuck their names in the area book. We knocked on their door and surprisingly they opened it up and let us right in. We had a sweet lesson with them! I think I wrote about it before. They were put on date for baptism and things were looking good. Well we lost contact for a few days and when we saw Damien it was apparent that he had been exposed to some anti material. Well we resolved some of his concerns but we knew that Brooklyn still had some. 

Well for the next 2 to 3 months we've been stopping by here and there but they have been super hard to contact. Eventually about a week and a half ago we talked to Brooklyn. At first she said that they had talked about it and they just wanted to go to a "normal" Christian church. But by the end of the conversation she was very interested in looking more into our church. And she said she would talk to Damien about it. Well a few days ago on exchanges we stopped by and Brooklyn was the only one home. She said that she really did want to look more into our church. Then Damien got home and came up to us and said, "ya we just want to stick with a Christian church" We could see Brooklyn in the back uncomfortable because she had just barely told us that she wanted to look into our church. Ha ha I was laughing pretty hard on the inside. But we had a good talk with Damien and by the end of it I think he forgot what he said at the beginning because he said he felt really good as we were talking to him and he really wanted to come to our church. So we were pretty excited. We'll see how it goes with them! Its obvious that the Lord has been working on them for quite a while now. They have been looking for a church to go to.

We had some other cool miracles that happened this week but it takes to long to write them all. It was a crazy week to though. We had two meetings that we had to set up for which is a pretty difficult process because we have to haul tables from one church building to the other and every time we use them we have to ask someone to borrow their truck. Although on the bright side we just found out that our car will be replaced with a truck! Boo yah! We are going to go pick it up in about 30 minutes.

The week was also crazy because we did two exchanges in a row. From Thursday to Friday night I went to Spokane 2nd ward and Then from Friday Night to Saturday Night Elder Maguet came to Cheney.

Well I got to go now. I love yalls
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

This is Elder Bowring and I

This is Sprague

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