Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Severus the Salamander

Two nights ago our nightly planning session got interrupted by this little guy running through the apartment. This is Severus the Salamander is what we named him. How a Salamander got into our house I have now idea.

Well Elder Bowring and I have seen some awesome miracles this week.

1. Last Saturday we had 3 investigators invite themselves to church. Two of them we had been teaching for a while. The other was a guy we met on the street. With each of the we simply taught about how Jesus Christ can help them. We read 3 Ne 27:16 and testified about how God can help them. When they really understood it and believed it they didn't need an invitation to church they just asked where the church was and what time it was at. Obviously the three different contacts didn't go exactly the same but they all had that desire to go to church.

2. Westfall Family. The Westfalls own the only Motel in sprague. Heres a picture of it.

They're an awesome family that has been meeting with the missionaries on and off since last summer. The family is a Mom and Dad and a Teenage Daughter. For most of the time I have served in Sprague they weren't really progressing very well. But last week we went over with Bro Thompson (recent convert) and had a great lesson. We resolved a few of the concerns they had. Then we committed them to read Helaman 5:12 before we came back in 2 days. Previous to this we had invited them to read the Book of Mormon everyday but they had never done it. Well when we showed up 2 days later they were very excited to tell us that they had read the verse and 16 more! Then we had a great lesson and now Brother Westfall and the Daughter are on date for baptism! Sister Westfall is getting there she just has a few more concerns. They all came to church up in Cheney this week and they made lots of friends.

Awesome Miracles.

Love you people!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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