Monday, March 30, 2015

Sweet Miracle

I've been doing this awesome study on The Holy Ghost for the last few months. First I got one of the Cheap book of Mormons we hand out and I read it and marked every verse that mentioned the Spirit. I also wrote down the reference and a short description on a sheet of paper. While doing that I determined several different Characteristics and roles that the Spirit plays in our lives. Now I am going through the scripture references and grouping them with others that teach us similar things about the characteristics of the Spirit. It has been super rewarding. I've learned a ton!

Monday night was sweet. It was p-day so we started proselyting at 6:00. We were on foot that night. First we stopped by this potential investigator I have talked to several times throughout the months that I've been here but nothing had ever come of it. Well for some reason he was really receptive this time. Now he's on date for baptism and reading the Book of Mormon! That night we recommitted to talk to everyone we possibly could. We ended up getting 5 new investigators that night!

Well I know its short but I need to go. Plus sometimes its nice to have a short message that lets you know that I'm still alive but doesn't occupy half the day to read. 

Love you!
-Elder (Andre) Johnson

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